Baby is now sold

Ali's primary instrument known for its tone and volume. Baby was used for Concertos, Recitals, film sessions including Captain Corelli's Mandolin, Fantastic Mr Fox, The Queen, The Golden Compass, Operas and of course Captain Corelli's Mandolin stage show.

A 1933 Embergher 5bis Concert Mandolin, I have struggled to get a clear photo of the date on the label as the date and number are rather faint.
The Label has the following information:

No.39 Anno 1933
Le Piu Alte Onorificenze
Luigi Embergher
Via Belsiana No 7

Scale 332mm. Length 625 Width 201mm. Weight 615gms (inc strings)

The body of 34 fluted Maple ribs; the table is edged with black and white stringing and finished with an ivorine edge; The rosette of ivorine set in black mastic and edged with black and white stringing; the soundhole edged with ivorine; the scratchplate of tortoiseshell with ivory scrolls; the fingerboard of ebony with 29 frets under the E Strings; hinged tail piece.

Thanks to "The Embergher Mandolin" by Ralf Leenen & Barry Pratt for the basic description above.

Listen to Ali playing 'Prelude 14' by Calace on Baby

Listen to Ali playing her own composition 'La Tristezza D'Inverno' on Baby

Baby is for sale with offers over 8,000 GBP.

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