Junior is now sold

Ali commissioned a replacement of Vinny, her 1764 Vinnacia in 2007 from Martin Bowers, based in Maldon in the UK, and took delivery in 2008 and christened it Junior. Made with the same materials as the original where possible and the close consultation & participation of Ali.

A mold was cast from the original instrument to establish the identical shape and dimension of the bowl and an X-ray to determine the internal bar positions and dimensions, a Hacklinger gauge was used to verify the back and soundboard thicknesses.
For environmental reasons a casein tortoiseshell and a resin base ivory were used.

Scale 330mm. Length 570 Width 175mm. Weight 368gms

The back is made from 23 deeply scalloped narrow ribs of figured maple, each rib is separated by a 0.75mm ebony spacer, and a carved end clasp varnished with a clear oil varnish.

The Spruce soundboard and fingerboard are highly decorated with mother of pearl shapes round the sound hole continuing along the fingerboard inlaid into faux tortoiseshell over gold leaf edged with faux ivory and ebony lines.

The shaped scratch plate is covered with faux tortoiseshell over gold leaf and bordered with mother of pearl, and there is a mother of pearl decorative motif at the end of the soundboard.

The neck is decorated with strips of mother of pearl and faux tortoiseshell over gold leaf edged with faux ivory and ebony lines and a bone nut.

The shaped peg head has 8 ebony pegs each with a faux ivory collar and pip, the front back and sides are covered with faux tortoiseshell over gold leaf with a decorative mother of pearl middle panel bordered with mother of pearl inlay.

The Label has the following information:

Martin Bowers
The Volunteer Arms, 101 Wantz Road, Maldon, Essex
Made for
Alison Stephens
Martin Bowers
Jan 2008

After Vincentius Vinnacia 1764

Junior is unique as a faithful copy of a playing original 1764 Vincentius Vinnaccio and the only of of its kind from Martin Bowers, with a beautiful sound to match its good looks.

Listen to Ali playing 'Gigue in D minor' by J.S.Bach on Junior

Junior is for sale with offers over 6,000 GBP.

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